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Digital Transfer

Mad Print Ltd does a lot of digital printing.

Suited for:
Digital Transfer is best suited for:
  • when full colour is required
  • when screen-printing wouldn't work, due to the fabric of the garment and other technical limitations
You can send your artwork to us. Formats accepted:
  • EPS
  • PDF
If you don't have these formats, we are happy to transfer them for you from your file.​
There are special garments for Digital Transfer, please see the catalogue here.
Minimum quantity:
  • 10 garments. One design can be placed on different garments.
Maximum quantity:
We don't usually have a maximum quantity. Please ask for a quote.

Price depends on... Please contact us for a quote.

From print to product:

First we print your logo on a special paper:

Foil Transfer:

After weeding the background, the prints are transferred on a special heat resisting foil.

Heat Transfer:

Using a special machine, your logos are being transferred to the garments.

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